Festive Indifference


Acrylic by Derek Moore

The work illustrates the African American experience through relationships...layers of pleasure and pain often dismissed as insignificant...timeless and multidimensional. The blue symbolizes expanse and opportunity. The yellow symbolizes the spirits of those who’ve gone before us. The white symbolizes the constraints of void and lack. The red symbolizes pain in the midst of life. The entire work seeks to convey motion and energy while the circular orientation of the people denotes adaptation and evolution.

The Null Contemplation


Acrylic by Derek Moore

The work is a visual interpretation of a warriors attempt to reconcile conflict.  The "fog of war" is an ever present adversary to truth and clear thought.  It surrounds the warrior's environment creating an ever present ambiguity.  This work is dedicated to those struggling with internal those who suffer from PTSD...and those who are haunted by the realities of human violence. 

For The Love of Country


Acrylic by Derek Moore 

The work is an African American response to the current socio-political climate. The work exposes a view of America the African American community has been forced to reconcile throughout its entire existence. It is painted as an emotional and patriotic appeal to all Americans.

House of Three


Acrylic by Derek Moore

Truth About Medicine


Acrylic by Derek Moore

The work is a tribute to all those who've suffered and died for the advancement of medical science.

Beautiful First


Acrylic on wood by Derek and Sara Moore

The Generational Curse


Acrylic by Derek Moore

Three hands of innocence pierced by the limitations and decisions of a preceding generation…not condemned but predisposed to repeat the errors of old. The hands are surrounded by deep wounds of compromise and regret…A needless injury with inexplicable shape. The dark tone of the work symbolizes the difficulty of A choice to improve self and one’s environment. We all have a choice to break the curses…we can all make a change…we can all make a difference.



Acrylic by Derek Moore