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We provide access to meaningful art and provocative design elements which will intensify spacial experiences in your home or office.  We offer purchase of original works of art and assistance with commissioning artists for custom works.


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Private Events

We offer planning and assistance for those who wish to host private art shows as center pieces for their social events.  Please contact us with your requirements or questions.

About Us

What Matters is the Art!

We seek to establish an acquisition opportunity where art is celebrated and remains the central focus.

We Honor the Artists!

Artists are the source of all man-made beauty in the world.  We strive to place them at the front of the acquisition by connecting them directly with buyers. Clients will enjoy a more meaningful connection to art from artists with whom they've established a relationship.

We offer Honest Art!

We welcome you to art that is sincere, unapologetic and unpretentious. It is an expression of the artist's perspective... intended to provoke thought, stimulate emotion, satisfy and edify.


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